Living in the NOW

We currently live on the corner of a decently busy intersection in a downtown suburb. It’s busy, noisy, and not my favourite. Our house is charming and our lot is pretty big, but that’s about it.    
We’ve been talking about moving to the country for years. The only reason we didn’t when we bought this house is because Ollie was only 7 months and I thought we’d be too lonely out of the city. I think I would have been just fine. But oh well. You live and learn. And we got to gut our kitchen and bathroom, so it was so fun to get to learn great skills and have fun {and put in A LOT of hard work}. 

We’ve been seriously talking about country living again and all our hopes for land and simple living so we can raise our boys honestly and wildly. In the city I feel too cluttered and stuffy. I need adventure and dirt. Plus we love gardening and growing our own vegetables, and I love animals! So we want a small hobby farm. 


I have the type of personality that gets unhappy with living in the now and I start living in my dreams of the future. I don’t think this is a good way to live! You will miss so many opportunities that can happen TODAY

We have some friends that live in the country and have that small hobby farm and I’ve been visiting them recently and of course it pulls on my heart strings of my little dream farm. I won’t deny it, it made me jealous and sad at first that we can’t live like that. They have chickens, horses, a milking cow and sheep, sounds perfect doesn’t it?! You know what though, I remember when they lived on the outskirts of the city and they had chickens! They started somewhere! So it got my brain working… Why can’t I start my journey now?! I own a decent sized backyard, why not grow tons of veggies and get some chickens? 
Well… Husbands aren’t so easily convinced to added chickens to your backyard. He said though, if it’s legal that he doesn’t see why we can’t start there and use what we have now! SUCCESS! I called the city who proceeded to tell me I need to be a part of the pigeon and poultry club… Uh… What? Okay, first off, this club is like next to impossible to find! I practically had to call every farmer in brant county {ok maybe just one or 2}. So after a pleasant phone call with the club I go next Monday for my first meeting and I can officially join the club! Next step: CHICKENS!

So chickens are going to be something totally new and fun for us. I’ve commissioned my husband to build me a coop, run, 3-5 raised garden beds, and a clothesline. Let’s just say he’s got a busy spring ahead of him.  We also should have some sort of shed too to keep all our stuff like lawnmowers and chicken food and what not. 

Start up costs are going to be a little expensive this year, but a lot of the stuff is stuff we can bring with us wherever we move, so it’s more of an investment. I’ve a asked for gift cards to the hardware store for my birthday this month to help cover costs. In the long run I think it’s so worth it. I find so much enjoyment in gardening and I’ve done a vegetable garden in the past and look forward to starting another and learn from past mistakes. 

We just got dumped with snow the other day so I’m a bit sad to see that as I’m just so excited for spring! I’m so happy we decided to be happy with what we have now and use the land that we own! Obviously we’ll keep dreaming of the real deal but it can’t hurt to start somewhere. I also hope since our yard is so visible to our neighbors and cars passing by that maybe we can inspire others to live a more self-sustainable lifestyle and start their own garden!


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