The Build

I’m due to be a chick mama for the first time come Monday and I’m so excited! But also so nervous! These ladies don’t have a coop built! 

My husband has been commissioned to build me a coop and run! Lucky for us this weekend at lowes was tax free! So we borrowed a pickup from a friend and headed to lowes to grab our supplies. 

A couple hundred later we were in our backyard starting our build! The kids both slept which is great so I could get my hands dirty too! It’s a lot of fun! I built the three raised garden beds and then helped with all the framing. My goal for today was to buy our lumber, and have the floor framed, which we did! But we also framed the front AND back wall! I’m hoping the whole project goes this quick and smooth! 
We still have a long way to go, but hey at least we’ve started now! The girls should have a place to call home by the time they’re ready to outgrow their indoor brooder box. 
Can’t wait to meet them! Anytime now!!!



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