They’re here!!!!

Cheep cheep cheep! I hear it all day! My new little loves!

I am so in love already! I think Oliver is too! He always asks to have them on his lap! Ha. Poor little gals. I’m trying to leave them alone but it’s so hard because they’re just so cute!

The ladies include 2 ameraucana, 2 buff orpington and 2 mixed (some sort of RIR, barred rock, austrolorp mix). I really wanted 2 barred rocks but the guy I bought them from didn’t end up having any in this batch, and I wanted them all the same age (except the 2 mixed were clearly older by maybe a week) so hopefully the mixed ages will be ok. 


If feels like he beginning to such a fun adventure! 


2 thoughts on “They’re here!!!!

  1. Very envious of you! They are so cute. I was hoping to get chickens this year for our urban homestead, but we decided to build raised vegetable gardens this year instead. I haven’t heard of the Ameraucana before, are they supposed to be good layers too?


    1. Lol I’m doing raised beds too. Last year when I was pregnant I couldn’t do anything so I guess I’m trying to make up for it lol. And I’ve read they’re supposed to be good layers! Not great but good.


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