I’ve had the ladies for almost a full week now! So far only two have names.  

This is Goldie my buff Orpington. She’s a little shy and flighty. I’m hoping she warms up to me. I was supposed to have two buff Orpingtons but somehow we got a surprise mystery lady!  

She looks bearded so we’re thinking she’s some sort of Easter egger breed! I wasn’t sure if I’d keep her to get the other buff I wanted but her coloring is so neat I’m too curious to give her back! She’s got whites and grey and tiny hues of brown! So she’s staying!

Then we have Dolores. My personal favorite. She’s a sweetie. My little snuggler. She loves to just sit in my hands and fall asleep. My husband kept calling her Dolores and well, it just kinda stuck with me. Look how beautiful her colors are! Like a caramel and chocolate treat!

There’s another brown ameraucana that looks similar to Dolores but more black and less of that caramel brown color that Dolores has! 

There’s the 6 ladies. Now the two big girls (which I actually think one is a roo) are a week older then the little ladies and they were an accident. They were supposed to be barred rocks but the breeder said he didn’t get any and I could see if I like they way they turn out. But they’re all black. They must be some sort of austrolorp mix. I really had my heart on the barred rocks. So they’re going back and I’ll be adding some rocks in the future. Also this….

They’re escaping! So I had my father in law come help me cut some extra lattice so I don’t find little birds and their poop treasures all over my house!

While my father in law was over I figured I’d put him to work!  

Jordan went out and put the legs on the floor frame the other night so my father in law cut the floor board while I leveled the cement footings.  

So we’re one step closer! My little Finn slept an hour and 45 minutes. Let me tell you this is a RARE occasion. He’s a micro napper. 45 minutes on the dot is what I usually get from this boy so for him to stay down that long was amazing! We got some work done, tarped the rest since its supposed to snow {angry face} and then planned out the next step of building. Hopefully, weather permitting we can put the walls and roof up, plus single the roof this weekend. AND if we’re super lucky even put the cedar singles up for our siding! 

It’s all coming along so nice! But these ladies are growing quick!


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