Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend! I’m lucky I get to spend tons of time with family! Also verrrrry lucky my father in law has been helping all weekend on the coop!!! 

We started Saturday and the goal was to have the roof on and walls up by this weekend. 

It was so cold! No sun and decently windy! Not fun but we need to work! I try to help as much as I can but it’s tough when you also have to watch 2 little boys!!

I always try to snuggle the ladies too! They were extremely naughty and knocked over the waterer and then proceeded to roll around in the wet and dirty litter! Not fun! I had to do a quick emergency litter box change. As much as I love these ladies I do think chickens belong outside and I can’t wait to have them live in their own house!

We finally had our first neighbor ask what we were building! I made him guess! He actually has been so kind to help us roof the coop a bit! And gave us a nice vent to add on top

Both my father in law and neighbor Dave were on the coop roof! That made me happy to see we’ve built a solid build! Not saying anyone’s chubby or anything! Haha


I brought some chicks out for the neighbors kids to enjoy! It’s the chicks first time outside! I couldn’t have them out long though since it’s still very cold!

3 of the 4 walls are up! The roof shingled, the cleaning door up, and the window and pop door cut out! We still need to make the nesting box, frame the windows and then shingle the whole thing with some cheap cedar shingles I bought. Then paint the door and trim. Wow! Lots done but still lots to go!


 Hope your Easter weekend was great!


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