Chick Update

My ladies are 2 weeks today and looking very chicken like! I feel like such a proud chick mama! They have the cutest little tails and  are just a riot to watch! I’m really enjoying my chicken adventure thus far!
This is Agnes. She was supposed to be a buff orpington but clearly was not. But my goodness! She’s a beaut! The colouring on her wings is just gorgeous! Really hope she’s not a roo!

Then we have Dolores. She’s still my fave. Look at that adorable little tail! Her colouring is awesome too! The prettiest honey/caramel gold mixed in that brown! Yum!
 This is Goldie. She has a serious comb going on and I’m hoping that doesn’t point to rooster. I think buff orpingtons have the most luxurious fluffy looking feathers. That colour is amazing. 
 Last but not least… A no name. I was calling her Hazel, but it just didn’t feel right. She has serious spunk. When I put my hand in the brooder box she always comes up and tries to peck me! Apparently that is a rooster characteristic. I’m just hoping she’s a wild lady. But I have no name for her! 


 So there they are. My ladies. 
I gave back the two bigger ones that were all black, they just weren’t what I was hoping for. I think I’m going to buy some already laying barred rocks when the coop is done. It’d be nice to get some eggs since it will be a while till these ladies are laying. 
It’s amazing how fast they grow and I am loving watching it happen right before my eyes!      


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