We had a week of sun. Birds. Blooms. Long nights. And now this…

The weather is not being so kind. Our temps are below zero again, snow up to my ankles, and I have 4 chickens getting bigger and more restless day by day! I remember when they were 2 days old and would sleep most of the day only getting up to grab a bite to eat and then back to la la land. Not the picture now a days. These ladies are constantly chirping and running, trying to fly in the Tupperware box, spilling their water, dumping food everywhere, scratching litter in all directions. Long gone are the sleepy days. These ladies need out!

I love the winter and the calmness and quiet it brings, but this is APRIL! I need sun, and warmth, flowers and rain! This just feels so wrong drinking tea snuggled under blankets! I should be in my rain boots cleaning the backyard up or working on the coop! Speaking of the coop! How are we supposed to finish it with all this white fluff? Oh the joys of living in southern Canada. 

I guess all I can do for now is try to savor a little more quiet and stillness before it will be BBQ’s and running, long nights and constant weeding before I know it. Oh and someone tell those chicks to slow down too! Stay a little smaller a little longer!


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