3 weeks!

Hard to believe it’s only been 3 weeks since I’ve gotten the little babies! They’re pretty big now! Like I’m not really sure how much longer they can stay in the house big! Yikes!


Here’s my unnamed chick, who now has a name! She’s wild. The minute I take the lid off she’s right on the edge to say hi! I’ve been feeling nostalgic about my old favorite video game so I thought I’d call her Zelda. I love it. 

Here is Agnes in all her glory. I think she might be the prettiest of them all! 

My Dolores who is a little more reserved and shy now then she was when she was smaller. 

And then Goldie who I’m falling more in love with as the weeks go by. I still think her colors and feathers are so fluffy and luxurious looking. She has a huge comb compared to the others and I’m not sure if that’s because she’s a buff Orpington or because she is a he!
Actually I’m a little worried about all of them! They all sort of act the way I’ve read roosters act. Can you imagine if I needed to start from the bottom again?! Geez!
Also I still want to add a couple more but now I’m confused on how to do that. I really want 6 chickens but when I had to get rid of the 2 black ones I just thought I’d add 2 later but I’m not really sure how! I’m looking for help here on what to do! I don’t really have the space to allow a month of separation like I’ve read should be done! So we’ll see about that!
But there you have it! Happy 3 weeks!


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