Have you ever done something crazy and then thought “uh oh… What have I done?” I have. I got chickens!
I’m having so much fun with these chickens, just ask my loving husband who watches me baby talking to them, cuddling them and taking care of them… but they terrify me! They’re living animals! I have no clue what I’m doing! I’ve never raised an animal before and now I have 4 baby birds depending on me. I’m crazy. I think as they get bigger and more adventurous I get more scared. Our coop hasn’t been touched since the last update I showed of it, so it still needs one wall up, a nest box built, and then to be sided, plus the run needs to be made (but thankfully not as fast as the coop needs to be done). We live in southern Canada where our weather is totally unpredictable and this last week has been cold and snowy! Yup. Snowy. Hello spring! So needless to say with the snow we haven’t been able to build which has put a major slowdown on our progress. This stresses me out. The forecast isn’t showing sun until 6 days from now! Which means the chicks will be 4 weeks! Woah! 

I’m also scared of failure. I’m scared I’ll invest all this money and effort into something and then not be good at it or experience death or disease. I think it’s good to be aware this could be a reality but I don’t want this fear to stop me. 

I read a quote on another blog that really hit me hard and I’ve been trying to hold onto: “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”. 

I would say this saying is true for me in a couple ways. 

  • First my dream to own a small hobby farm. It’s my ultimate goal. A country hobby farm, room for milking cows and chickens and massive gardens. Room for my kids to wander and explore. 
  • Second, my current goal to be happy and work with what I have and build this city farm. It’s crazy. It’s unusual. It seems impossible. And this scares me! But I want to try so hard to be successful!

So hopefully my dreams are big! And hopefully it pays off to dream big!


3 thoughts on “Scared

  1. I feel the exact same way! We just got our first chicks this past Monday! We have to redo the chicken coop that came with the property, and the weather is not in our favor! I’m freaking out that we won’t get it done in time for them to transition outside! Best of luck to you!!


    1. It is a real scare! These gals grow quick and I don’t want full grown chickens squawking in my house! Hah. Let’s hope the weather warms up so we can get these chicks out! Also good luck on your new chicken adventures as well!


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