1 Month Chick Update!

The chickens are literally taking over the house! I had to get a new house for them last week because they were getting too big for my giant Tupperware bin. So I now have a watermelon bin in my dining room that I had to call all around the city to find!

Also I got 4 new babies!!! 4 barred rocks! They’re super cool looking! I can’t wait to see how they feather out!

They don’t have names or good pictures yet. They’re VERY skiddish, clearly weren’t handled at all before. So I’m trying to get them used to me. 

It was hard because the original ladies were REALLY picking on them so I had to put a divider in for a couple day and nights to let them not be too stressed. Thankfully everyone is getting along now. There is a pecking order and they are on the bottom but at least it’s not bullying anymore. 
My originals have grown FAST. and let me tell you, taking pictures of one month old chicks is NOT an easy task!

Here is Zelda. By far the most friendly and bravest. Her comb is smallish though, so hopeful she’s a she!

This was Goldie, but I’m changing her name to Blondie. (Probably from watching too much survivor! Ha) she’s like a momma hen. Always snuggling near the new babies. It’s cute. 

There’s no question in my mind that this is a girl. She’s all he. Dolores has too red and big of a comb to be a she. Not sure what to call him. He’s going to have to be relocated to another home… Or my belly. 

And Agnes who I want so badly to be a she. The coloring is soooo pretty and her legs are like a blue green. Unfortunately my guess is male. We’ll have to wait and see!

There you have it! A month of chickens!


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