Empty Nester 

I have some bittersweet news…
My little chicks are gone. All 8 of them. 

Basically the reason being I was pretty sure I had 7/8 roosters, which won’t give me eggs and won’t make my neighbors love me. I follow a website called backyard chickens and they have tons of information on breeds and sexes of birds. I posted some pictures of my suspected roosters and I got a lot of feedback backing up my fears. 

I felt very defeated. This wasn’t how I had planned this and I’d grown attached to my birds! So I put the 3 FOR SURE roosters on kijiji and hoped I could sell those and keep the other 5 to see what they turned out to be. I was pretty sure I had another 3 barred rock roosters but I was going to butcher them. Luckily the man who responded to my add said he was starting up LOTS of chickens and asked if I had any hens, I said I think I have a couple and offered him my whole flock. He came and met the bunch and then his pick up drove off with my little cheepers. 

It was the saddest moment. And of course to make it worse, Oliver woke from his nap, looked in the box and said “ah ah” which is the sound he makes for the chickens. Heart. Broken. 

On the bright side I get a fresh start. And we get more time on the coop. I literally ordered my new birds the minute he left! So due to hatch April 24 I have 4 barred rock and 2 wheaten ameruacana. These are sexed chicks so I shouldn’t have any roosters and on the off chance I do, they’ll switch it out. It was more money this way, but now instead of picking them up trying to inspect and worry if I’ve got males, I can just relax and have fun watching my babies grow. 
I miss the little peeps and cheeps all day. I’ll be very happy when the new bunch arrive! 

So there you have it. Bittersweet goodbyes. 


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