Starting Seeds

It’s such a difference a year can make! Last year I was 4 months pregnant and was almost finishing a kitchen renovation and had NO DESIRE to do any gardening or vegetables. With a 1 year old and a another on the way it felt way too overwhelming! But oh how I missed it. We did have tomatoes pop up from the previous owners garden, but it’s not the same as planning and planting your own vegetable garden!
I’ve been meaning to sit down and plan out some square foot garden beds but I always get busy (nap time = sleep or tv. Let’s be honest). But today I used this calendar to help me decipher when to start seeds indoors vs outdoors and when to transplant, also just what exactly I want to grow as well. 
I’m really excited for those first little seeds to sprout! It’s so exciting watching life grow right in front of your eyes! 
Some things I love about veggie gardens is getting my hands dirty, there’s nothing more satisfying then dirt under your fingers and suntanned hands from working hard in the garden. I love watching the brown water drip from my hands as I clean them after a long day of gardening. Obviously I love eating the produce my gardens grow! I’m trying to eat healthier and growing your own food goes hand in hand with it. Its also just so beautiful to look at the variations of plants and vines and the flowers and food growing! I love it all!

Growing my own food is important to me. It makes you appreciate what you have, it makes suppers WAYYYY tastier. It makes munching on snacks way more fun! And this way I know exactly what and where my food comes from. I don’t use pesticides or herbicides. I try to problem solve naturally. 

I can’t wait for a couple weeks when I can show you how big my first batch of indoor seeds are!


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