The Coop Scoop

Spring has FINALLY sprung! Hopefully this time to stay! With all this wonderful weather we’ve been having we’ve been able to work on the coop! We were really pressed to finish as the chicks were getting so big and rowdy, but alas, as there are no chicks, there’s not that rush anymore to finish so quick. Though they are due to hatch in 5 days, and I’ve seen how fast they grow with my own eyes, so we will still work hard to finish quick. Not to mention I’d like my backyard back instead of this construction zone I’ve been seeing. 

My father in law who has been helping wasn’t able to help this last weekend so it was just me and the hubs. Thank goodness my kids were little dreams and slept 3.5 hours! We were able to get SO MUCH done!

Choosing a door color was hard! I’ve been tossing emerald green and mint for a longgggg time! In the end, I liked the softness of the mint. Also it might be cute that it will match my Ameruacana eggs 🙂

Didn’t my man do such a great job on that egg box?! I didn’t really give him any instructions and he nailed this one! It’s a top open one so I don’t have to crouch down to collect my eggs! It’s seriously all coming together! Just last night Jordan was working on the run already! So we still have one side of the roof to paint (let me tell you how much I love painting. Not) touch up paint on the door and pop door, a couple spots need more shingles and then the whole run. Then I guess we’ll need to make and set up feeding & watering stations and also a dust bath area. 

Fun, fun! Just so happy to finally have some sun! I may already have sandal tan! Ha! Whoops! Also it’s been so great for the boys to be outside so much! Ollie loves playing and Finn seems to like to eat the grass! Oh boys!



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