A Fresh Start

Sorry I’ve been so busy! I haven’t updated. Life is just busy with two small boys and the weather getting nicer! 

So I sold the last flock of chicks so I could start over and my chicks hatched on the 27th! So they are a week old today! I ordered 4 barred rock and 2 wheaten Ameruacana. 

Unfortunately the day after I picked them up I experienced my first loss on the farm. One of my barred rocks just didn’t do well. She had some pasty butt and I cleared that up the night before but she was not good. I tried sugar water to revive her but she refused to drink or eat and she left us. It was sad but it’s part of owning animals. The 5 remaining are doing great! 

These little chicks really do make me happy. I love hearing the little peeps. 

These 5 better be little ladies! I paid extra for girls so I’m hoping my money wasn’t wasted on more roosters! Only time will tell, but I’m going to try to enjoy these ones more and worry less about if they’re boys or girls! It was hard to just enjoy them when I was constantly looking for signs of roosters!

We are almost done the coop! There’s a little painting left, and the wire needs to be put up, but the run is done and so is the coop! Just little things and the ladies {when ready} can move into their new home! I can’t wait to see them every morning when I let them out!


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