Tiny Dreams

Ok. So I’ve been a little meloncholy this week. Just sad of life’s circumstances, just not being alive where I am. I’m really not enjoying this city life. I don’t like neighbors peering in my yard when I’m out weeding and playing with my family. Also just house chores add up so quick. Also social media has held me a slave for so long and I’ve been so consumed by it!

Well I had a change in heart mid week. I got rid of Instagram! It’s hard because I know my family follows me. But it’s what’s best for me and my family. It means more time with them! And that’s more important! So that got me excited. And during nap time since there was no Instagram I went on Pinterest haha. And I found old pins I had pinned about tiny houses. And it hit me!!!! Okay. I’ll explain the plan just like I explained to my husband!

  • Step 1- buy/build a tiny house. I’d love to build and I know we have the knowledge and skills to do it, but time is where it gets me. I don’t have a year to commit and wait for my tiny house 
  • Step 2- sell our current house and make profit. 
  • Step 3- either stay on friends farm land, or find cheap farm land to rent. 
  • Step 4- save for our own land
  • Step 5- move on our own land
  • Step 6- save to build small cabin for our family 
  • Step 7- slowly build FORVER home. 
  • Step 8- rent out tiny home as a b&b kinda thing. 

This plan would allow us to live a) debt free and b) in the setting we want to live. We’d be able to be in the country. Also pluses include being more environmentally friendly, using less, owning less, working less, being able the have freedom to homeschool my kids. 

Here are two layouts I think would work for our family of 4 and even would have room to expand for when we’re ready for baby number 3 (but not until baby number 2 sleeps the night and gives me half a year of sleep catch up!) 

But this tiny house dream has me so excited! I feel so alive dreaming about it! I can really see myself happy in a tiny house! Now if only my husband could see what I see. The joys of marriage. Big decisions aren’t just up to you! So I’ll keep you posted on what he thinks. Right now he’s worried about the cost of a tiny house, where we’d put the house, penalties for selling our house early (we just bought November 2014) and also just being a private guy and needing hi space. 

I love dreams. It’s what keeps my blood flowing! 


4 thoughts on “Tiny Dreams

    1. Ha! No no. We need those men! Mines just so factual! He’s the what if-er. I’m the dreamer. But he’s coming around to the idea! He’s just doing research! lol. I hope your man comes around!


  1. Good luck. I am single so I do what suits me, but did tell my folks who support it. I’m parking it on their land. Make sure you get the right size trailer for 4. I’ve got a 16′ which is 4′ smaller than I wanted but it’s still big for one person. Good luck!!


    1. Yea. It’s for sure more complicated when your talking about you plus 3 other lives. But I was looking at a 28′-32′. Hoping that would be enough for 4 and possibly 5


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