City Farm Update

Ok! So it’s not been a super productive month. The weather hasn’t cooperated and the whole chick drama had me a little down in the dumps. Not to mention my seed starters were NOT doing well. I planted cucumbers, pickling cucs, peppers, peas, broccoli and cauliflower and of all those I have 3 cauliflower plants, 2 broccoli, 1 pickling cucumber and 1 cucumber. So needless to say it’s been kinda a flop around the “farm”. 

Jordan and I have been talking a lot about what’s next and we’re both so up in the air. We’re basically just waiting for something to happen. We search the market every day but nothing is coming for what we want. Jordan has taken to the idea of living simpler and smaller, not to say he’s sold on the tiny house, but he’s definitely not saying no. We’re actually talking about how cool it’d be to start a rural communal living. So basically we’d own land, build a tiny house, or tiny cabin and then have a communal living room area with a grand fireplace and a kitchen and we’d live in more community. We’d have shared gardens and probably start a CSA. These are big dreams people. I’m so glad my husband is not only just cool with my dreams, but also has dreams bigger and better then mine! We were made for each other! Ahh love. 

Yesterday I had the girls out to enjoy the sun! They turned 3 weeks yesterday! Only one has a name, hope.  She had a SERIOUSLY bad limp and I thought for sure I was going to lose her. I watched her closely and just left her be and I’m happy to say today she’s so much better. So it was about a week of bad hobbles and shaking but I think she’s going to stick around! She’s my runt of the flock! Also the darker ameraucana seems to be a rooster (again) so the breeder said he’d swap him out the next time he has a new hatch. 

I’m looking forward to finally finishing the coop and getting these girls outside!

It’s coming along. We need to add the wire, paint the egg box, install a pulley system for the pop door and then we’re done the coop. But we also need a shed like ASAP. we’re starting to look like hoarders because all our outdoor crap is just laying around! 

We have a rain barrel that Jordan’s parents gave to us so we need to instal that this weekend. I’m so excited to be able to save our water! Talking about the tiny house has me wanting to save grey water and rain water and be way more eco friendly!

Finally my boxes are seeing a little action. I’ve put some cardboard down to kill the grass. I’m trying Pinterests’ lazy way of gardening. They say just put cardboard and straw down and then soil and apparently it kills the grass. Let’s hope they’re right or I’ll be digging grass all summer. Yuck. 

All I have left to do is get a yard of triple mix soil to fill the boxes and were golden. I’m trying to see if I can get a pickup truck from a friend so I can get soil on the cheap. Delivery is not cheap!

That’s my update! Here’s some yummy paleo cookies I made! I’ve been eating paleo a little over a month (with 4 cheat meals) and I absolutely LOVE it. I love my cheat meals but boy do I feel like crap after. The garden and chickens will be so nice for my new paleo lifestyle! Home grown organic meals! Yay!


4 thoughts on “City Farm Update

      1. I can understand that. We decided ultimately to form our own because we love our community and the people that live here. 🙂 I hope you find what you’re looking for!


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