Budget Gardening

  • Money is something that I don’t swim in. 
  • I love gardening. 
  • Gardening is expensive. 

These are facts. 

Gardening is really expensive. Flowers and plants don’t come free… Or do they? 

These are forget me nots! I loveeee forget me nots! They have the cutest tiny flowers and they come up every year! They also spread like crazy! So if you have mothers and mother in laws with lots… Get some!! I was lucky to get over 10 plants from them. 

Hens and chicks… Or chicks and hens?… How fitting for my yard! These little cuties spread too! Mother in law was so kind to give me these! They are from last year. I just love them!

I have some Lilly of the valley and some beautiful mystery plant that I’ve planted under a big tree since these are shady plants. This is behind the coop and doesn’t get much foot traffic or attention from me. I want these plants to just look pretty and help cover the ground. Also free!!! 

No clue what this mystery bush is, but mum said it was sprouting new chutes everywhere. It has the most beautiful white flowers that come and the butterfly’s love it! Score! Also FREE! (Notice a trend?!)

It also helps to have nice neighbors. He had these ever-bearing raspberries that have gotten to big for his location and was kind enough to share! Yum!!! I can’t wait. I think I’ll plant these around the shed we need to get!

So there’s lots of ways to get plants for free! Just ask some fellow gardeners if they have any extra! I’m sure you’d be surprised plus this will give you a great variety. 
You can even go for trail walks and find many flowers and plants you like and transplant for your own gardens. Even if it’s weeds. A weed is only a weed if it’s unwanted. 
For veggies we can save seed. I’ve never done this but plan to learn how this summer. This way next spring I don’t have to buy plants or seeds. I can just use my own from the year before. 

You can also use store bought food to kick start your garden. Garlic, onions, celery, potatoes, lettuce. 
So not to worry if your like me and can’t afford to fill your garden beds fully, just get creative! 


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