Hello Again!

Wow! Sorry I haven’t posted. We were soooo busy here for May 24 weekend (the Queens birthday!) and then my whole family got really sick! So it wasn’t the best time to post! But now there’s lots of progress to show you!! It’s amazing how much two weeks can change a tiny city farm!

We’ll start with the ladies (and gentleman -who is actually a very rude man!) LO and behold!!! *drum roll please* THE TOZER COOP!!!! She’s finally done! And isn’t she a beauty?! The chicks moved out two weeks ago now and I’m loving having them outside and not in my dining room! First I had them in the run in the day and I’d catch them at night and bring them inside, but as soon as we finished the pop door they moved outside full time! About a week now! Last night was the first night they put themselves to bed! Soooo adorable! And a decent bedtime too! Ha they seem really happy with their new house! 

They still don’t really get the idea of ‘treats’. I’m trying to get them used to me giving them food because I want them to be able to eat the scraps of food my picky toddler doesn’t eat! No more waste! Except they only eat their food… So weird. The last batch started with grapes and ended up eating everything but these guys won’t touch it! Crazy. 

The amazing father in law borrowed a truck for us and helped us get my dirt for the gardens! And Ollie helped too. Ha. This was them two weeks ago…

And this is them now! I bought a couple starter plants but the rest is from seed. Everything seems to be sprouting pretty good. Ok the orange stuff is cayenne pepper. I have a SERIOUS squirrel problem. I’m thinking about buying a pellet gun! They are ruining my farm life! Digging holes everywhere and pulling out plants. They wrecked my cucumber and cauliflower. I had to start over! PESTS! So I’m hoping the cayenne keeps them out! I have to reapply every time it rains or I put the rain water on it, but if it works I’m happy!

Here’s a nice update on my compost! It’s going GREAT! My husband says it looks nice and rich! I think I’ll start to use it soon! 

Anyways! That’s all for the farm news currently! I have to find a new home for mr. Grumpy rooster. Looking to get 2 new pullets. So hopefully I can find some good stuff!


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