Sunny Days

Wow. Time is flying. My chickens are 2 months, my baby is 8 months and my toddler is 2 years! It seems to be going so fast! And I’m busy which is nice! But doesn’t leave me much time to sit and write!

It’s been super nice weather here in southern Ontario, really hot and sunny! I love it! Not too much rain though, so I was watering my veggies every night and morning quickly and I seem to have some issues! My zucchini and corn are turning yellow. I’ve read online this might have something to do with over watering. So I’m going to lay off the hose and feel the soil more before I automatically go to water. 

I’m loving the middle garden bed, it’s a three sisters bed, with corn, beans and then pumpkins and acorn squash! I’m hoping it does well! It seems my veggies are slow growing… So we’ll see how this year goes. I added some of my compost to the corn as well seeing as it might need more nutrients. It’s all still such a learning process for me. 

Jordan went to look at two properties last night, but they were both big flops… With the houses needing a lot of work and money just to make them liveable. So we’re still a little city farm! In excited as we have very good friends who just bought the house across the street! How cool is that?! 

My little flock is doing splendid! Growing and chirping! They’re so much fun… However I was not impressed with them the other night… I let them out to free range and those little buggers nipped off my only rose bud off my new rose bush! I could have cried as its a heritage rose (Claire Austin) but now I have no blooms so that’s sad. 

My husband made this trellis for the rose to climb but honestly I’m not having much luck with it. The rose leaves are not very green and they have brownish spots on them. Very discouraging. We made this little end garden to help make our bird watching area more private. Our backyard is right on a busy corner which is great because people love to watch the chickens but it doesn’t leave us with much privacy when we just want to be alone. 

I’m trying to stay positive with my little farm in the city but it’s hard when my heart just keeps dreaming about milking cows, huge gardens, an orchard and free space to roam in the country. It’s not easy having such a huge yearning for something that’s very difficult to attain! But at least this crazy journey is a good place to start and a good place to learn!


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