Farm Searching

Last week was the first week in months any sort of house that’s in our budget has even come up. And we had 3! The first two Jordan saw without me and they were falling apart, needless to say, no-goes. The third however was different. 

Saturday morning I saw a listing come up and we decided to drive out to the country to see it. Let me tell you. It would be perfect. It’s got an acre and a bit of land, a hugeeee barn, hugeee house and garage. It’s right next to a corn field on one side and a horse ranch on the other! Oliver loved the horses, they come right up beside the house. 

We are wanting to put an offer in but the land isn’t severed from the cornfield yet, so it makes things a bit complicated. We’re trying to stay hopeful and positive that if this is where we’re meant to be then it will happen. 

The house needs TONS of work but hey, it’d be our forever project. It’s so fun to pictur us there. It’s basically a blank slate! We’d be taking out a lot of little ornamental trees so we could make pastures for whatever milking animal we get and to add extensive gardens. I’ve been reading a lot about permaculture and I think I’d attempt to make a permaculture designed farm. Probably a market garden, pasture for goats or cows, build a pond, get honey bees… The options are endless. For now it’s just a dream. But we shall see! For now we’re still just little city farmers! And still loving it!

I had to sell my rooster! I was getting way too attached and I didn’t need him to start crowing and then be in a tight spot with a loud rooster. He went to a good friends farm so I can still see him. In his place I bought a black copper Maran. Hoping to get beautiful chocolate eggs from her. I’ve called her Emma. She’s so sweet. Her first day with my bunch was rough, she was picked on a lot but she’s doing well now and seems to have made friends with the other ladies!


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