Garden Issues

So I’m overall pretty happy with my results with the gardens so far this summer, with some exceptions. 

My zucchini has turned this awful yellow colour and seems to not be doing well! I stopped watering every day thinking maybe I’ve been overwatering, especially with the straw mulch. A week after that and there’s more growth at the center of the plant but it still seems the whole plant is this yellowy colour. Not sure what’s going on here. 

Then next my corn. The growth seems very stunted (as with my broccoli, cucumber, and zucchini) and then the bottom is yellowing and drying up. I added some of my homemade compost hoping this would add nitrogen to the corn. I also stopped watering everyday as I read that could be an issue too. I’m just going by feeling the soil now and going by that. Should I fertilize?

Some plants are doing really well. Mostly the store bought starters. I’ll have peppers and tomatoes galore this summer! Yummmmmmmy!

It feels sort of crummy when you don’t get the results your hoping for. I really hope my zucchini, corn, and my other little squirts make it. There’s nothing better then going out and harvesting your own supper that you grew with your own hands!

Any tips are welcome!


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