The Simple Urge. 

I’ve been inspired by simple living for so long, yet I’m far from practicing it. Why do I want to raise chickens, grow veggies, and eventually have a farm? I often have to stop and ask myself this. 

First and most important to me is a divine calling. I truly believe in my faith and I feel strongly God wants my family to live this way. I can only hope through prayer, meditation and time that God will show our family what he ultimately wants us to do with the farm {besides just being good stewards to our livestock and children, obviously the farm plays a huge role into how we want to raise our children}. 

Nature has to be second for me. I love and adore nature. It’s where I feel ALIVE! I love walking in nature, getting my hands dirty, seeing the wonders and beauty of plants and creatures is exhilarating. 

Simplicity and honesty would be my next point. I want to step away from my life now. Words I constantly say are, “I need” “I want”. It’s a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction. Filling those wants with stuff leads to wanting more stuff. Its sickening. And it’s a problem I seriously suffer from. My hopes is that living on the farm {or even trying here in the city} we will be so focused on providing the family with food and there will be so much to do that I won’t be focused on that new diaper bag I swear I need. I also want food that I know where and how it’s been raised. I want that honesty. I know by growing my own food I know it’s healthy and non perverted from herbicides and pesticides and my livestock lives happier healthier lives while they are earthside. 

Lastly I want freedom. I want space. To run. Explore. Create. Dream. Get lost. Be quiet. Be loud. Be silly. Be serious. Be loving. Be loved. The Dixie Chicks summed it up perfect in that song, “wide open spaces”. I want freedom to homeschool and grow my children how I feel God wants us to raise them. I want to teach them hard work and values of the farm. 

So there you go! Why I am doing what I’m doing to eventually get to where I want to see my family!


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