Farm Hunting

I think I shared about a house Jordan and I looked at. If not, we found a 5 bedroom 1.5 acre house with a massive barn and a garage. It seemed like it was fate and that we’d be moving to the country in no time. Well… Fate it was not. I went back with a family friend who checked it out for me and he unfortunately was the one who had to hand me the bad news. This house was great… Old… Ugly…. But had such potential, however, it needed a new roof, new windows and insulation upon buying to ensure we don’t throw our money away in the winter trying to heat it. And it had issues with the septic and grey water drainage. So basically we’d be house broke and then have no money to renovate the comfort things and no money for the farm and lifestyle we want to live. 

It was honestly so hard. I spent half a day just crying about it. It’s hard when you picture your family living in a house, running in the fields, and dreaming about new adventures. 

I’m ok now. I know in time it will happen. It’s just a crazy market here right now and we just can’t afford what we want. So we wait. We save money and we wait. If that house seemed so perfect I can only imagine there’s an even better one waiting for us out there!


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