On dreaming bigger

Wow. I’m the worst. Sorry I haven’t been updating! 

Basically this summers garden is sorta a bust for me. I’ve harvested 6-10 cherry tomatoes and maybe 20 strawberries and one salad. 

I’ve learned from my mistake. Soil is everything. You can’t just buy something that says it’s good for vegetable gardens, you really just need good organic soil, basically compost and manure. I will never make the mistake of buying a triple mix again. 

I’ve made it my goal to research farming every nap time (also why I haven’t had time to update) and I’ve learned so much! I feel like I have so much excitement and knowledge that I’m going to explode! I love to learn and would go to school full time to learn about growing and farming if I could!

I’ve come to the conclusion for my city farm that I need more. The chickens are GREAT and I love them, but I need more. I need more gardens and I want milk. So basically I’ve told the farmer husband that he needs to let me order a TON of composted manure, that he needs to build me a polytunnel (or we make cold frames) AND that we get goats. He was thankfully (and unexpectedly) ok with all this. Today was the task of calling the city to make sure goats are legal in brantford. The bylaws are sketchy… They say no farm animals (including poultry) unless zoned agriculture but then it says poultry is ok if your part of the club. So I was given a big no from our local SPCA. I called the city back and told them no is not acceptable. I was given my councilor number and contacted him to explain my plea! He loved it! So my next step is to present my argument to the city council so I can have the option of keeping dwarf goats for milk!

So needless to say I have been busy! Both in chores but a lot just in my head with ideas galore! 

My backyard is huge! My dream is to see the chickens, mass gardens, some milk goats in the main part and then I have a upper balcony I don’t use and I want to use this for hives! I don’t see how this shouldn’t happen. It seems so right! I feel like this is what humans are made for! Growing and using the land we’ve been given! I’m so excited for this journey! I promise I’ll do better to keep you along for the ride!


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