Starting a Backyard Revolution

The title says it all. It’s currently still a dream in progress. If you’ve been following along with me, you’ll know my husband and I have been dreaming to live in the country. We dream of fresh milk, huge gardens and room to explore! This is all great! And I do believe it will happen! But when, who knows. Our real estate market is crazy right now. Houses are going $30000 and over asking. We’ve watched a bunch of farms slip through our fingers simply because we can’t afford to compete with that type of over asking sales. 

My heart will not be stopped that easy though. My chickens were result of trying to live in the NOW instead of waiting for the farm. Thankfully mr. Husband let me be crazy and thankfully it’s legal to do it in the city! It’s been such a learning expeiernce and so so fun! I can’t wait till these ladies get working and start laying!  But I want more!

The gardens also just feel natural to have, though again, you guys know this year has sort of been a flop for me! But this is what farming is about! Learning and growing from your mistakes! 

It can’t stop here. My back yard is HUGE like bigger then your average back yard big! And honestly it’s wasted space! We play in it very very rarely. And it’s prime real estate! It gets full sun and is in the perfect rectangle shape. It’s practically calling out to use as a huge garden! So my goal for next summer is to convert my entire backyard into a farm. With extensive veggie gardens. I’ve put a local ad up looking for aged manure so I can try a no dig garden. I want to be able to provide my family with fresh produce year round. I also want my neighbor hood to see me doing this! I want to inspire them to have their own garden! It doesn’t have to be huge, but just a little garden even if the only sunny space they have is their front lawn! I want people to get to work with their hands! Not only is it so great for your body to eat healthy homegrown food, but it’s so rewarding to reap the benefits of working hard! 

The goats take the garden to the next level. I can vision them at the end of my yard grazing and playing for all the block to see. I want to cause a ruckus! I want people to be inspired! I want to show the world that you can use your own land to live the healthy lifestyle you want! I’m so excited that I’ve started the process of changing this law and I’m hoping so much I will win and have Brantford change its bylaws on keeping dwarf goats. I don’t see why citizens can’t have the right to raise their own milk! They are the same size as medium dogs but they actually provide the family with milk and the garden with manure! It’s such a win win win! 

I’m hoping to stay in the city a little longer because it feels like there’s this revolution to be started and I want to be the one to get the ball rolling! I want to encourage families to get together and work on growing and getting back to our roots like our ancestors before us! It only feels natural! Like we are made to do this! I’m not saying every family needs goats, or chickens, but I think it’s important the kids across my street see where eggs come from! 

So city slickers, get your boots, and hats! We’re going to farm like we’re in the country, just a little closer to your neighbor! Let’s start a backyard revolution, or a front yard if that’s all you got! Just get digging and get growing!


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