Bigger is not always better

We’ve been busy debating here on the “farm”. I’m so caught up in my big dream for our backyard yet I had forgotten one minor detail: permission from the husband. I just figured he’d be on board with it because hey, I get what I want right? Well he had many reservations. He didn’t want to lose yard space that he and the boys can play in, didn’t want to have to dig up the grass, scared of selling and how it will effect us. I’ve basically drawn out the projected garden with spray paint and it’s about a 25 x 20 plot and I’ll be moving the raised boxes to different spots. We talked about it and I explained my heart and dream to him but I never got an answer. Finally at church I overheard him telling a friend “ya we’re going to be expanding our gardens” and my heart was sooo happy! Ha I told him I heard him say that and then it was decided it’s official!!!

A good friends husband came to help plan out the garden on Saturday. I originally was planning on a 50 x 20 garden or somewhere around there. It’s good I had a experienced gardener come to help because he basically said it would be too much to take on. Also we have a big tree in the front that has suckers coming in the lawn so he’s scared that it might take away nutrients from the plants if too close to the roots.

I also had this never ending list of vegetables I was planning on growing for my family but also to sell, my first market garden. However he crushed (it’s ok it’s for my own good) that dream rather quickly. He said it’s not that it can’t be done but that I’d probably overwhelm myself. I appreciate his honesty. I don’t want to put tons of time and money into something expecting a certain outcome and then feeling like I failed miserably. So for next year the plan is to just have a great big garden for my family! 

For the next few weeks I’m hoping to just spend time getting the soil laid and move the raised beds and seed a cover crop for the winter. Also I’m hoping to get some fall/winter greens into the raised beds in hopes (fingers crossed) of building mini hoop houses over top to have greens all fall and hopefully winter. This is all hopes ha. 

Anyways, I’m glad that I decided this year to go a little smaller so my attention can be given more carefully to my veggies then spreading myself to thin!


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