Fluffy Butts

One of the ways I’ve been trying to be environmentally friendly and also budget friendly is by cloth diapering! Oliver has been in cloth since he was 2 days old! 

From the get go I knew I wanted bumgenius 4.0 {which has now been replaced with the 5.0} and I haven’t looked back since! The diapers are cute, easy, and fairly priced! They are a one size pocket diaper, meaning one diaper will take you from infancy to potty training. 

I love the prints and colors available for cloth diapers! 

Another brand I really enjoy is AMP one size duo. Again it’s a diaper that can take you from infancy to potty training (though I stuff mine with hemp for nap times so they’re a little too squishy for Oliver, but they’d work if I used a less absorbant liner! 

Lastly I use(d) some prefolds from green mountain diapers. I really liked this for the newborn stage when the poop is all liquidy and gross, and when I had one child so I had more time for fancy folds. Ha. They are most cost efficient but they can be tricky for a squirmy baby like mine! Ultimately I stick with pocket diapers just because they’re fast and convenient!  No folds or snappies needed! Just button and go!

For wipes I use cloth wipes, just Walmart brand face cloths. For bum cream, I use a ton of different brands just to experiment! So far my favourite is the CJ’s BUTTer, because they smell so yummy! Close second would be Bum Bum Balm as it smells good too and lasts forever! I’ve never had issues with rashes really so I just use these if there’s any redness and it always goes away. I also use the CJ’s on my eczema. 

Lastly for my dirty diapers, I use a planet wise wet bag on the go, and a huge kanga kare bag in a IKEA pail in the house. Works perfect! No smells! I use the bumgenius sprayer too. Works like a charm. 

For washing I use regular Tide in a front loader washer, I do a rinse and spin first, then hot wash, heavy soil, extra rinse wash. I hang dry and then stuff when dry! I’ve only ever had a couple problems with stink, and it’s usually I either need to use less soap, or more, or use a tiny bit of bleach in my wash. 

So yea! I’m not perfect at this! And I don’t use them at night (my kids are SUPER SOAKERS, even tried wool covers and huge night diapers and still wet!) and I stopped when I was pregnant with Finn because it’s not an easy job. But it’s totally worth it! And I suggest it to everyone! So give it a try! 


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