City Farm Update

It’s August already! Wow this summer seems to be flying by! You can tell fall is around the corner though! The chickens all head to bed about 40 minutes earlier now, the nights are getting cooler, and the nights are getting longer. I do love fall so I welcome all these lovely changes of the season!

The garden got expanded! I was able to get a deal from a friend from church who actually owns Natura Landscape, a landscaping business and he suggested I use his premium mix, it has mushroom compost, manure and peat moss. This dirt is great! Smells fresh… Ha if you know what I mean! But it’s so rich and dark and just full of organic matter! Hopefully it will produce some great crops this fall and next summer! 

My plants that were started in the spring have finally started looking a bit better, between the mix of the compost and hen manure I think it’s doing better! My corn has about 15 ears (tiny but hey, it’s something) and the beans are starting to grow! I’ve yet to see a pumpkin or gourd but the plant themselves look good. My zucchini is gone, the cucumber beetle got to them, they were all burrowed in the root, so sad especially since we love zucchini. I think my cucumbers are gone too. 

My chicks are getting close to egg laying! So I look so so forward to that! I also got two more ladies to add to the flock, beautiful golden laced wyandottes from a homestead up north!  I’m hoping if I can legalize dwarf goats here in brantford I can purchase my goats from her too as she has adorable Nigerian dwarfs!

Lastly I got a grow light for downstairs so I can get a head start in the spring next year! I obviously had to test it on some beets and lettuce though! Seems to be working!!


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