Welcome Fall 

It’s so beautiful how fall comes. I think summer and fall are good friends, the way summer still gloriously lingers in the flowers and grass and just brightness, but yet fall subtly sneaks in, stealing the show from summer and having all eyes turn on her. I’m so thankful falls here. The cooler temps, longer nights, cozy sweaters and blankets, the smells and the festivities that come with it all. But a piece of me is so sad. 

With fall comes Finnley’s birthday, which means my little baby is no longer a little baby, it also means I need to go back to work. Unfortunately my plans of staying home just aren’t viable yet, we just can’t afford it. I know I can’t leave them full time so I’ve chosen to do part time, leaving them 2 weekdays with a friend for daycare and then Saturday with Jordan. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever decided to do. But we need to pay our bills. 

It also means no more fresh garden produce (not that I had a steady flow of that either this summer! Ha but it’s ok). This is sad, but the slowed pace is nice. 

I had planned to put up some hoop houses or cold frames but just never got around to it. So my plans for a winter garden have come to a halt. I do have kale, beets, carrots and spinach planted in the late summer, so these thankfully are doing quite well! From my summer garden I got a small amount of cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, 3 cucumber, 3 pumpkins (which are slowly turning orange) 1 gourd, 1 acorn squash, kale, strawberries, 4 peppers, 3 ears of corn, tons of beans, 2 sweet peas, and a real nice bunch of carrots. My broccoli never really grew nor my cauliflower. It’s been a hard year learning and growing in the garden but this is so true for any gardener!
Now on to some great happy news!!! 

Miss Stella has been laying just over a week! Her eggs are beautiful and delicious! It makes me soooo happy retreiving her eggs every day! The others are being lazy and aren’t following her lead, though another barred Rock has been squatting for a week or so, so we’ll see. I even had the pleasure of watching her lay one with my own eyes! And I got it on tape! (Go to my Instagram link to see). 

So that’s it for now. Just winding down and taking it easy. Trying to figure out life. 


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