About Us

Imagine standing at your kitchen sink, looking out the window to your yard full of chickens, gardens, trees and children. You’re probably thinking how nice it’d be to live in the country so you could have all that, well… You can… right in the city!

This is my families journey of learning to farm right in the city of Brantford. We live about an hour from Toronto with a population 96,500, not huge, not tiny. My name is Tamarah, my husband Jordan, and our two boys Oliver & Finnley are in this journey together. 

Our dream is that house in the country with amazing country views, and heaps of land, but we’re not there yet, we need to save a lot more before we can get to where we really dream to be. But who says we can’t start living the way we want to live right here?

Some things we want to see for our family is importance of growing our own food, it’s such a rewarding thing to pull veggies right from your garden and then toss a salad together that you grew! We want to reduce our intake of herbicides and pesticides. We want to live simpler, less clutter, less stuff. We want to grow our own food, things like chickens and eggs, we want to be thoughtful of our environment, our garbage and our energy consumption. 

All these things are possible right in our own backyard. So we’re looking to achieve it! My husband has finally been convinced to get chickens and this is sorta what’s starting it all. Our very own little farm in the city! 



4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Love this blog! I lived in the country but now call the city home. My partner and I want to achieve the mix of city and country there too so I love following like minded people ! Can’t wait to see more.


    1. Awesome! Ya a mix is awesome! I just did my chicken “farm” chores and I told my husband it made me feel like living on the farm but with the convinces of the city!

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  2. Are you still into blogging? After reading a few of your post I realize when you wrote those and where I am at now with my dreams and aspirations, our are pretty similar. Hope you are still living and trying to attain your dream. Best of luck!


    1. Hi! I’m not! Im not the best blogger! My dreams are still very similar to what they were for the city farm however we want to move more the forested area and homestead there. We love the forest so that’s really all that’s changed.



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